Celebrate the wins 🏆


Let’s be honest e-commerce is challenging right now.
What worked last year, last month or even last week isn’t performing as you would of expected.
It’s more important than ever to stay laser focused.

Test, learn, move on, don’t let the pressure make you start to doubt yourself.


Celebrating the wins, no matter how small, will keep you and your team motivated.

+ A 1% increase in an email open rate from an A/B test.
+ A 5% increase in Facebook ROAS from adding another set of creative.
+ Discovering a new keyword niche for your Google Ads campaigns.
+ Generating more engagement on a social post than your benchmark.
+ Finding a new source of organic traffic from a new blog post that you’ve published.
+ Reducing the return rate on a product that you’ve tweaked the product copy on.

Can you think of a win that you had last week?
Remember to share it 💪

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Simon Lilly

Award winning ecommerce and digital marketer with over 20 years experience. Ranging from enterprise e-commerce platform management and digital marketing strategy through to website re-designs and launches.

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