📨 A beginners guide to email marketing


+ Select a good email platform
= Klaviyo or MailChimp are great places to start

+ Build your email list
= Checkout opt-in, Website footer & run giveaways to build subscribers

+ Find your flow
= Welcome series, Abandon basket & Post purchase are essentials

+ Send regular campaigns to your list
= Weekly or monthly are great frequencies to start with
= Include products & content that solve your customers problems

+ Write great subject lines
= If they don’t open, they can’t see what’s inside and they definitely can’t buy anything from you

+ Monitor your open & click rates
= This gives you a good indication of how effective your subject lines and content are.
👉 Contributed by Dylan Ladd

+ Exclusive access
= Include content that only email subscribers get exclusive access to. Make it feel special.
👍 Contributed by Matthew Mace

+ Don’t email too often
= Monitor your unsubcribe rate closely and put yourself in your customers shoes, what’s the right frequency for them?

+ Keep your list healthy
= If subscribers aren’t opening your emails, reach out to them with a more attention grabbing email. If that doesn’t work it might be time to stop emailing them. A healthy list is an engaged list.
👉 Contributed by Dylan Ladd

Any other beginnner tips you’d add?

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