🧵Threads on Twitter, a quick guide.


What are they?

A deep dive of a particular topic broken down into individual tweets.

Why do they exist?

Subject experts can share their knowledge with their audience.
They can also promote themselves and the services they offer.
It’s the classic freemium model, give a taster away for free.
Then upsell your service or product.

Are they useful?

This depends 100% on the author.
Find the right expert and they are gold mines.
But like most content online the quality is varied.

How do you make one?

Draft a new tweet.
Add another tweet to the thread by clicking the + button.
When you’ve finished click Tweet All.

A few ideas that you could use a thread for…

Storytelling – Add history, context and research to a brand story
Competitions – Go live, promote, announce a winner and follow up story
Long form campaigns – Twitter wasn’t the place for long form content, threads change that

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