It’s good to talk 🗣️


Men are pretty rubbish at it.
Apologies for the sweeping generalisation.
I don’t think I’m far from the truth.
There are also some pretty worrying statistics out there for us guys.

Men account for three quarters of all UK suicides.
Men aged 45 – 49 are at the highest risk.
Isolation is thought to be one of the main causes.
I became aware of these facts when I ran the London Marathon last year for Campaign Against Living Miserably. A brilliant organisation that is saving lives.

These statistics are a long way from the topic of talking.
But ultimately if problems are hidden, bottled up and avoided this can be one of the outcomes.

I meet up every month, or so, with a good friend.
We typically go for a curry.
The food is always good.
But the conversation is always the real highlight.

Nothing is off limits.
Knowing that is empowering.
No judgement.
No agendas.
No secrets.
Just time and space to chat.

Getting the challenges, problems and worries out of your head and into a place where they become topics of conversation.
It sounds a little like a counselling session.
Maybe it is one.

Do you need to book a curry?
If so, do it today, don’t delay.
It’s good to talk.
The world is always a better place afterwards.

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