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You are the project


The Daily Stoic says ‘Your mind is the asset that must be worked on most – and understood best’ How are you doing?Many people find time to exercise the body. How about your mind?Practise is how you improve, get better. Writing is great for the mind, meditation is to the mind, like oxygen to the lungs.Find something that works for you to stimulate your mind. If you’re lucky...

Transaction OK GOODbye


Transaction OKGoodbye These were the 3 words that appeared on the payment card reader. I can’t imagine much thought or energy went into that part of the customer experience. How about… Payment acceptedHave a great day Or All goodEnjoy your order Now that feels better. 1% improvements to the experience all add up. When was the last time you bought something from your business...

How to have a good day


Do good things.Simple. 10 Ideas to get you started… 1. Donate an item to the food bank next time you shop.2. Sign up to volunteer in your community – find a beach clean near you.3. Check in on an elderly neighbour.4. A random act of kindness – buy the next person’s coffee.5. Offer to look after a friend’s children so they can have a break.6. Sign up to donate blood.7...

Turning it upside down


It’s a very stoic perspective to adopt, but take a negative situation or obstacle and flip the perspective to use it as an opportunity. In practical terms… If you delayed whilst travelling, use it as a chance to practise patience. If your laptop fails to save your work, it’s a chance to start again with a blank page. If something is a real challenge, it is a chance to get...

Positive momentum


Traffic growing.Conversion improving.Open rates flourishing.Click rate increasing.2 Awards won. You can feel the positivity spreading.Ideas flow faster.Creative concepts come together quicker. “For any movement to gain momentum, one must start with a small action.” – Adam Braun. Doing drives action.Actions are driving momentum. Momentum is creating interest.Momentum is fuelling...

Do one thing well


It’s the mantra of Hiut Denim Co SimpleEffectiveLimiting? Not really, it’s all about perspective.You can read it two ways… LiterallyDo one thing wellOne styleOne sizeOne pairNope MetaphoricallyDo one thing wellOne categoryOne locationOne purposeYep There’s two perspectives to everythingEmbrace the one that gives opportunityEmbrace the one that you believe inEmbrace the one...

2 Years at Runderwear


Two things I’ve learnt 1. Great product is the key foundation to build an amazing brand 2. Passionate founders fuel the energy of a business Two things I’m grateful for 1. Being able to help people enjoy running problem free 2. The support and encouragement the business has given me and the team during the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic Two things to be excited about 1. Our...

You Can Do It


“If you find something very difficult to achieve yourself, don’t imagine it impossible – for anything possible and proper for another person can be achieved as easily by you. ” Marcus Aurelius Is your glass half empty?Or is your glass half full? Self-confidence and self-belief are so importantTake a day (or week) off from the negative self-talkTake a little time to...



How do you become a speed boat? It’s not a simple overnight transformation. It takes a number of things to fall into place. A little clarification of responsibilities.A lot of trust in talented people.A little nudge back on track when deviations occur.A lot of the right attitude.A little positive encouragement to maintain momentum.A lot of bravery, because mistakes will happen. We’re...

Walking & Talking


Motion & Conversation Optional: Coffee/Tea As the seasons change from Spring to Summer it’s good to get outside. We’ve got a great office at Runderwear, but spaces to meet and talk are minimal. So I’ve taken most of my 1-2-1’s on the road. A wise man* once said that “the brain works differently at 3 mph” and it’s true. The movement of your body...

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