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Eat the frog


Sunday. 6am. Awake.Exercise required… One problem.To get to the best bit of the bike ride there’s a hill to climb.This is the frog I need to eat this morning. Once I’ve beaten the hill…Flat, quiet country lanesThe chance of spotting a deerFields full of poppiesA chance to enjoy the ride Where did the phrase ‘Eat the frog’ come from?Mark Twain said that if the...

Be Alive


“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

Marcus Aurelius

Take time this weekend to:

😮‍💨 Breathe

🤔 Think

😁 Enjoy

🥰 Love

If you just focus on those 4 things you’ll have a great weekend.

If 4 is too many, pick one or two.

Enjoy life.

Who’s in ❓

The best sales pitch I’ve ever received


Frequently these three words fill my inbox with dread… NEW BUSINESSDEVELOPMENT Promising to: “Transform your online sales”“Double your conversion rate”“Increase your AOV by 50%” So many pre-sale promises…Nearly always under delivering… I’ve seen pitches from some of the biggest players… SalesForceAdobeSAPMicrosoftShopify But the best pitch I’ve ever had came from a small, specialist...

It’s good to talk 🗣️


Men are pretty rubbish at it.Apologies for the sweeping generalisation.I don’t think I’m far from the truth.There are also some pretty worrying statistics out there for us guys. Men account for three quarters of all UK suicides.Men aged 45 – 49 are at the highest risk.Isolation is thought to be one of the main causes.I became aware of these facts when I ran the London Marathon...

20 Minutes / 1 Idea Each


Jordan Wright set down the Creative Breakfast challenge today in her post. Why not try it tomorrow she said?We did it today.minus the breakfast. 20 minutes.One creative idea each.A book.A podcast.A TikTok.A website.Anything really that inspired you.Sure the cheeky ones tried to sneak in 2.Others tried to team up and share the same idea.The rules are the rules.No exceptions. The energy from the...

Print media is dead


Email marketing is deadFacebook advertising is deadThe list goes on… The click bait headlines often reference the death of something to grab attention.But is anything really dead if it’s done really, really well? Take printed media.Who right now is going to think that launching a brand new printed magazine is a good idea? Paul Sinton-Hewitt is who.The founder of a little thing...

5 Tactics to Improve Your Email Subject Lines


Does your inbox feel a little overloaded?Discounts / Sales / Exclusives / Deals everywhere? It’s a crowded place right now, there’s a lot of brands trying to get attention.If you are struggling to grab some attention here are 5 ideas to try: 1. Ask a questionSUBJECT LINE…What’s cooler than being cool? Cool-LiteFrom: icebreaker, a VF Company Clever combination of a physical feeling and a...

The race check list for the successful runner


BEFORE The training program that’s been followed (most of the time)The nutrition plan that has guided your meals (some of the time) DURING The shoes that fit your gaitThe socks that stop you from getting blistersThe underwear that is chafe-freeThe shorts that are so light you forget your wearing themThe running belt that securely holds your key, card and gelThe top that wicks sweat away...

Celebrate the wins 🏆


Let’s be honest e-commerce is challenging right now.What worked last year, last month or even last week isn’t performing as you would of expected.It’s more important than ever to stay laser focused. Test, learn, move on, don’t let the pressure make you start to doubt yourself. YOU’VE GOT THIS. Celebrating the wins, no matter how small, will keep you and your team...

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