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Transaction OK GOODbye


Transaction OKGoodbye These were the 3 words that appeared on the payment card reader. I can’t imagine much thought or energy went into that part of the customer experience. How about… Payment acceptedHave a great day Or All goodEnjoy your order Now that feels better. 1% improvements to the experience all add up. When was the last time you bought something from your business...

Questions & Answers


Why? It’s a great question and often the hardest one to answer. Why is our conversion down?Why are customers buying product Y?Why have customers stopped buying product X? More often than not the answer is in your web analytics.But sometimes the best way to answer the why is by asking an expert. YOUR CUSTOMERS Here’s two survey examples that are quick and easy to implement. Plus a few general...

As if by magic… the shopkeeper appeared


It’s Sunday, around 2pm.I’ve been sent on a mission.A mission with a 4pm deadline! My daughter has become a bit of an amateur photographer.It’s her BFFs birthday tomorrow and she needs some prints.I head to everyone’s high street photo retailer – Boots. Phone connected.Tap transfer.Select size.Make payment.Printing begins. “This was a piece of cake.” I...

Your match is: 73%


“You seem to be interested in notable coffee and sandwiches” Google Maps told me yesterday. How clever you are Google. Having now been to the coffee shop I can say it was a 100% match.Great service, accompanied by well roasted coffee and a beautifully baked slice of coffee cake. Little moments of innovation like this are brilliant.This is when technology gets it right. It’s not...

Here’s your new desk…


 First day in a new job.Arrived early and headed to reception.My new line manager came and met me.We chat and then started to move towards the main office area. “We’re sorry the new space we’ve been preparing isn’t quite ready yet” he said.“No problem, I can work anywhere, I’m happy hot desking.” I replied.“Well… actually the only spare space we have is in our call centre.” he said.“Ah okay...

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