Quality over quantity


It’s Friday.
A good day to take a little look back at the week.
Were you good busy?
Were you bad busy?

Bad busy.
What does that even mean?
It’s when the quantity of when you are doing impacts the quality.
It’s better to do less well.
Than do more poorly.

How did your week shape up?
How’s the to do list looking?
Celebrate your wins.
Reflect on the challenges.
Don’t beat yourself up on things that didn’t go right.

Go again.
But better.
1% is enough.

That’s the best thing about a new day, week, month.
You start again, fresh.

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Simon Lilly

Award winning ecommerce and digital marketer with over 20 years experience. Ranging from enterprise e-commerce platform management and digital marketing strategy through to website re-designs and launches.

By Simon Lilly

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