Sometimes you can see it
Sometimes you can feel it
Sometimes it finds you

A few giveaway signs

Loads of ideas, but little implementation
Strong sales, but plenty of scope to improve
Great customer feedback, but little done with it
Healthy social growth, but the opportunity for more

What makes potential?

Potential comes from passionate people
Potential grows from a strong business purpose
Potential thrives from great creative thinking
Potential is fed by innovation

What does potential need to become reality?

Great product
Engaged customers
Marketing that cuts through
Superb service
A team that believes

Take a look at your business.
Do you have some hidden potential?

About the author

Simon Lilly

Award winning ecommerce and digital marketer with over 20 years experience. Ranging from enterprise e-commerce platform management and digital marketing strategy through to website re-designs and launches.

By Simon Lilly

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