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“The Web is What You Make of It” Google

I am a growth focused ecommerce & digital professional with an analytical approach to delivering a return on investment and improving the customer experience.

With over 20 year experience working for some fantastic retail brands, ranging from implementing tactical quick wins through to delivering comprehensive multi-channel digital strategies and ecommerce replatforms.

My core skills are:

Revenue Growth
The first step to growth is understanding a businesses key strengths. Once identified they should form the foundation of a strategic plan to deliver sustainable digital growth for your business.

Analytical Insights
Being able to understand the stories and patterns that data is telling you comes from working for a wide variety of online retailers of different sizes and scales.

Conversion Optimisation
Almost every online business would like to convert more of its visitors into customers. Using years of CRO experience to identify quick wins and longer term enhancements dramatic improvements can be made to a businesses performance.

Digital Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising, Paid Social, SEO and Affiliates are all big areas of potential for any business. When was the last time you took a detailed look at performance and benchmarked it against the best in the industry?

Digital Strategy
However a customer chooses to interact with a brand, businesses need to present a seamless experience to them. By understanding the numbers behind your online business areas of short-term and long-term improvement can be quickly identified and implemented.

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