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Sometimes you can see itSometimes you can feel itSometimes it finds you A few giveaway signs Loads of ideas, but little implementationStrong sales, but plenty of scope to improveGreat customer feedback, but little done with itHealthy social growth, but the opportunity for more What makes potential? Potential comes from passionate peoplePotential grows from a strong business purposePotential...

Quality over quantity


It’s Friday.A good day to take a little look back at the week.Were you good busy?Were you bad busy? Bad busy.What does that even mean?It’s when the quantity of when you are doing impacts the quality.It’s better to do less well.Than do more poorly. How did your week shape up?How’s the to do list looking?Celebrate your wins.Reflect on the challenges.Don’t beat yourself...

Just test it


Blue or RedBuy now or Shop now7:30am or 8:30pmSaturday or SundayBriefs or Bras

You can choose


You can let your customers choose

A/B testing allows you to let your customers give you the answer to your business questions.

Ultimately they decide the fate of your business, so get them more involved in the process.

When was the last time you asked your customers opinion?

Carpe diem


You will only get one shot at tomorrow. 24 hours.1440 minutes.Then that day is gone.Condemned to history. Monday is the start of the new week, 7 days to be at your very best.Friday is the last day of the working week, enough time to turn an okay week into a great one.Then it is the weekend. A little reflection.Reset, then go again.Ask yourself, can you be 1% better tomorrow than you were today...

You are the project


The Daily Stoic says ‘Your mind is the asset that must be worked on most – and understood best’ How are you doing?Many people find time to exercise the body. How about your mind?Practise is how you improve, get better. Writing is great for the mind, meditation is to the mind, like oxygen to the lungs.Find something that works for you to stimulate your mind. If you’re lucky...

Transaction OK GOODbye


Transaction OKGoodbye These were the 3 words that appeared on the payment card reader. I can’t imagine much thought or energy went into that part of the customer experience. How about… Payment acceptedHave a great day Or All goodEnjoy your order Now that feels better. 1% improvements to the experience all add up. When was the last time you bought something from your business...

How to have a good day


Do good things.Simple. 10 Ideas to get you started… 1. Donate an item to the food bank next time you shop.2. Sign up to volunteer in your community – find a beach clean near you.3. Check in on an elderly neighbour.4. A random act of kindness – buy the next person’s coffee.5. Offer to look after a friend’s children so they can have a break.6. Sign up to donate blood.7...

Turning it upside down


It’s a very stoic perspective to adopt, but take a negative situation or obstacle and flip the perspective to use it as an opportunity. In practical terms… If you delayed whilst travelling, use it as a chance to practise patience. If your laptop fails to save your work, it’s a chance to start again with a blank page. If something is a real challenge, it is a chance to get...

Positive momentum


Traffic growing.Conversion improving.Open rates flourishing.Click rate increasing.2 Awards won. You can feel the positivity spreading.Ideas flow faster.Creative concepts come together quicker. “For any movement to gain momentum, one must start with a small action.” – Adam Braun. Doing drives action.Actions are driving momentum. Momentum is creating interest.Momentum is fuelling...

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