Sometimes you can see itSometimes you can feel itSometimes it finds you A few giveaway signs Loads of ideas, but little implementationStrong sales, but plenty of scope to improveGreat customer feedback, but little done with itHealthy social growth, but the opportunity for more What makes potential? Potential comes from passionate peoplePotential grows from a strong business purposePotential...

2 Years at Runderwear


Two things I’ve learnt 1. Great product is the key foundation to build an amazing brand 2. Passionate founders fuel the energy of a business Two things I’m grateful for 1. Being able to help people enjoy running problem free 2. The support and encouragement the business has given me and the team during the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic Two things to be excited about 1. Our...



How do you become a speed boat? It’s not a simple overnight transformation. It takes a number of things to fall into place. A little clarification of responsibilities.A lot of trust in talented people.A little nudge back on track when deviations occur.A lot of the right attitude.A little positive encouragement to maintain momentum.A lot of bravery, because mistakes will happen. We’re...

Walking & Talking


Motion & Conversation Optional: Coffee/Tea As the seasons change from Spring to Summer it’s good to get outside. We’ve got a great office at Runderwear, but spaces to meet and talk are minimal. So I’ve taken most of my 1-2-1’s on the road. A wise man* once said that “the brain works differently at 3 mph” and it’s true. The movement of your body...

Life is like running a marathon 🏃


When you reach 50 you’re around the midpoint of life.Halfway on your marathon. You shouldn’t sprint at the start to burn yourself out.You should be careful along the way to not fall or twist an ankle.You should drink and eat well along the way to maintain your health. Running a marathon also teaches you to plan ahead.Which translates again well to life.Looking after your health, mind...

20 minute sprints


Is it the perfect length for a meeting or focused piece of work? It’s working really well for the share one inspirational thing meeting. 6 people3 minutes each2 minutes spare Done in 20 minutes It worked really well for a motivational chat around a writing challenge. 5 minutes – to identify the challenge10 minutes – to come up with a plan5 minutes – to agree the actions...

20 Minutes / 1 Idea Each


Jordan Wright set down the Creative Breakfast challenge today in her post. Why not try it tomorrow she said?We did it today.minus the breakfast. 20 minutes.One creative idea each.A book.A podcast.A TikTok.A website.Anything really that inspired you.Sure the cheeky ones tried to sneak in 2.Others tried to team up and share the same idea.The rules are the rules.No exceptions. The energy from the...

Celebrate the wins 🏆


Let’s be honest e-commerce is challenging right now.What worked last year, last month or even last week isn’t performing as you would of expected.It’s more important than ever to stay laser focused. Test, learn, move on, don’t let the pressure make you start to doubt yourself. YOU’VE GOT THIS. Celebrating the wins, no matter how small, will keep you and your team...

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