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Finding inspiration


Where does it come from?

What you see, hear, taste.

Who you listen to, read, talk to.

Variety is an essential ingredient.

Ignore your close competitors,If you want to be better than them.Look to the innovators for ideas.

The better the input,The better the output.

Busy kills inspiration.Enjoy your down time.Busy kills innovation.Make head space.

Find your inspiration



Just Do ItIf you can dream it, you can do itThe Do LecturesDon’t think, just doPlan, Do, Review How can a two letter word be so powerful? There’s no anxiety, no hesitation, no apprehension.It’s filled with energy, positivity and action.All contained in such a small word. Do There is beauty in its simplicity.I think it might just be my favourite word in the English language. Do...

When can I get a phone?


It’s probably the most frequently asked question that I’ve been asked in my 45 years on this planet.Having a 13 year old daughter means this has been a regular topic of conversation for the last 12-18 months. Did you know both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their children tech-free?Two of the biggest technology business owners limited their kids exposure to tech.14 was the age that they let...

Starting from zero


It’s a pretty daunting thought for some.It’s a really exciting thought for others. One of my guilty pleasures each morning is listening to the Chris Evans Breakfast Radio Show.I like his positivity, enthusiasm and the great insights that he shares.But I know for some people he’s not their cup of tea. Until now he’s resisted the call of social media and even refuses to own a smartphone.This...

Pick. Pack. Dispatch.


The typical new starter induction for a digital or ecommerce role involves a day or half day spent picking and packing orders.For many people that’s the first and last time that they spend time in that part of the business.This is such a missed opportunity to understand your customer and their behaviours intimately. To the annoyance of many of the warehouse managers that I’ve worked with...

Here’s your new desk…


 First day in a new job.Arrived early and headed to reception.My new line manager came and met me.We chat and then started to move towards the main office area. “We’re sorry the new space we’ve been preparing isn’t quite ready yet” he said.“No problem, I can work anywhere, I’m happy hot desking.” I replied.“Well… actually the only spare space we have is in our call centre.” he said.“Ah okay...

Is this seat taken? 


Quite an innocent question for one of my first meetings in a new job. I’d asked the question to Pete the IT Manager who was running the weekly IT meeting. “No sorry that one’s taken” he said. “Ah okay, I’ll grab another” I replied. The meeting started and finished with the chair still empty.After the meeting Pete got my attention and said he wanted a quick chat. “I just wanted to explain...

How big is your tsundoku? 


Tsundoku is the Japanese term for a reading pile. When I went to bed I noticed something had changed.The books I’m reading had been formed into a neat pile.As individual books, scattered around a room, it didn’t create a problem.But when stacked one on top of another, the problem became clear.Too many books and not enough time and focus to finish them. Podcasts recommend booksFriends recommend...

How can I help?


Cast your mind back to the first lockdown…The world was a very different place.Many businesses were concerned for their future. Most of us felt very helpless, I know I did. One evening after work, my wife and I were enjoying a small slice of escapism, watching the hospital drama New Amsterdam.  The main character is a guy called Max Goodwin.He was the newly appointed Medical Director of a...

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