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You can let your customers choose

A/B testing allows you to let your customers give you the answer to your business questions.

Ultimately they decide the fate of your business, so get them more involved in the process.

When was the last time you asked your customers opinion?

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Why? It’s a great question and often the hardest one to answer. Why is our conversion down?Why are customers buying product Y?Why have customers stopped buying product X? More often than not the answer is in your web analytics.But sometimes the best way to answer the why is by asking an expert. YOUR CUSTOMERS Here’s two survey examples that are quick and easy to implement. Plus a few general...

The hero product


Do you have one? The best sellerThe most 5 star reviewsThe award winnerThe customer favourite Most successful brands have a hero product in their line up. Without one, growing your brand and reputation will be a challenge. I’ve been fortunate enough that the majority of the brands that I’ve worked with have had at least one hero… Liz Earle Cleanse & PolishAnimal Watches With...



Monday’s are all about numbers for me. Alarm at 5:30. Waking and working out to the numbers. 30 minutes of yoga and reflection.20 minutes of inspirational content.30 minutes for shower & breakfast. Work by 7:30. Crunching the numbers. Daily sales, weekly performance, month to date.Traffic, average order value, conversion.Channel performance, product performance, market performance...

Pick. Pack. Dispatch.


The typical new starter induction for a digital or ecommerce role involves a day or half day spent picking and packing orders.For many people that’s the first and last time that they spend time in that part of the business.This is such a missed opportunity to understand your customer and their behaviours intimately. To the annoyance of many of the warehouse managers that I’ve worked with...

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