It’s good to talk 🗣️


Men are pretty rubbish at it.Apologies for the sweeping generalisation.I don’t think I’m far from the truth.There are also some pretty worrying statistics out there for us guys. Men account for three quarters of all UK suicides.Men aged 45 – 49 are at the highest risk.Isolation is thought to be one of the main causes.I became aware of these facts when I ran the London Marathon...

Print media is dead


Email marketing is deadFacebook advertising is deadThe list goes on… The click bait headlines often reference the death of something to grab attention.But is anything really dead if it’s done really, really well? Take printed media.Who right now is going to think that launching a brand new printed magazine is a good idea? Paul Sinton-Hewitt is who.The founder of a little thing...

Writing about writing…


One of the great things that this writing challenge has unlocked for me is how useful writing is. Sure it has work benefits… Small chunks of copy for email introductions are created swiftly.Collaborating on social copy is straightforward and flows easier.More comfortable working with our new brand copy guidelines. I’ve also seen some real personal benefits… I’d read numerous benefits of a...

My approach to writing


(A title I didn’t think I’d ever actually write) A drop of experienceA pinch of emotionA smattering of factsA teaspoon of takeawaysA few grains of honestyBlend with a current topic or trendLeave to bake on LinkedIn for an hour (or so)Check occasionally for commentsIf heated debate, leave to cool for an additional 10 minutesServe with a tweet and a blog post Do not reheat once...

Short vs Long


Last night I ran a 5k race, the last time I ran at an organised event It was 100k over 2 days. It felt very different! Short is about energy & speed.Long is about consistency & endurance. These are two very different distances that need different approaches.They also have different impacts on your mind and body. There are interesting parallels between running and working in a digital...

8 seconds


The average human attention span has dropped behind everyone’s favourite childhood pet… The gold fish. The gold fish is now comfortably 1 second ahead of us, with a 9 second attention span. Microsoft revealed this updated statistic from a recent study they shared. Our ever decreasing attention span should be considered when you: – Create your email subject lines– Design...

🧵Threads on Twitter, a quick guide.


What are they? A deep dive of a particular topic broken down into individual tweets. Why do they exist? Subject experts can share their knowledge with their audience.They can also promote themselves and the services they offer.It’s the classic freemium model, give a taster away for free.Then upsell your service or product. Are they useful? This depends 100% on the author.Find the right...

Day 2


Time to try a different format of post… 3 Tips for a smooth, stress free presentation 1. Do the work early. Don’t leave it to the last minute, avoid any unnecessary stress and anxiety from having to do a presentation from putting in the effort way before you are due to deliver it. Give yourself the minimum of a 48 hour buffer for tweaks & amendments before it’s due. 2. Keep...

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