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It’s my birthday today, 10 emails later… from brands wishing me a happy birthday, I’m overcome with a feeling that digital marketeers can do better…

Here’s my gift back to you – some advice on how to make your customers feel special on their birthdays.

What not to do:

ASICS – Celebrate your birthday with 15% off Simon
ASOS – Big love on your birthday x 10% off
PUMA – Celebrate on us with 20% off your next purchase

Imagine receiving a birthday card from a friend with a 10% or 15% off voucher inside! Why do brands think this is a good idea?

Come on people time to rethink these campaigns and give your customers a real gift…

3 Ideas to make your customers smile on their birthdays

Idea 1 – Cash. We all remember receiving cards with real money inside (not a % discount). If you are going down the discount route give your customer a voucher with a real value e.g. £5 or £10 off, even if it means introducing a minimum order value with the order.

Idea 2 – Gift. What’s better for someones birthday than offering an actual gift with their next order. Real items with a perceived value such as socks, gloves, water bottles, etc. are all genuinely useful items that a customer would be grateful to receive as added value when they place their next order.

Idea 3 – Exclusive Prizes. How about entering all of your customers with a birthday in the same month to win a money can’t buy prize – tickets to a sold out running race, to a much sort after music concert or maybe a weekend away for 2. Finding something that you can source from a brand partnership that your customers would be excited to win will perform much better than free delivery on their next order.

If you’ve spotted something that made you special on your birthday, please share it in the comments below. Based on my experience I’ll be surprised to see many.

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