How can I help?


Cast your mind back to the first lockdown…
The world was a very different place.
Many businesses were concerned for their future. 
Most of us felt very helpless, I know I did.

One evening after work, my wife and I were enjoying a small slice of escapism, watching the hospital drama New Amsterdam. 

The main character is a guy called Max Goodwin.
He was the newly appointed Medical Director of a busy hospital in New York City. 
From the very first episode, Max develops the “How can I help?” catchphrase.
This went from helping someone in their personal life through to supporting a colleague in their professional work.

For whatever reason that night it stuck with me.
How can I help? I thought…
I didn’t have the skills or experience to contribute on the front line.
What I did have, was my digital knowledge and 15 years of ecommerce experience to help some of the businesses that COVID was impacting.

Every morning before my job started I opened up a couple of hours to help and advise businesses with their digital challenges.
Appointment slots were promoted on Twitter and LinkedIn and then Zoom sessions booked in.

I met with 
life coaches, 
interior design companies, 
an artisan coffee company,
weather forecasters, 
an artist, 
energy innovators
a soft drinks company
& even a stand up comedian

Each session gave the business owner the chance to tell me their story and talk through their challenges over a virtual cup of coffee.

Sometimes the challenge was digital,
Other times it wasn’t.
Sometimes I was able to help.
Other times the conversation was the solution.

I know I didn’t save any lives, but hopefully I helped a few small businesses get back on track.

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Simon Lilly

Award winning ecommerce and digital marketer with over 20 years experience. Ranging from enterprise e-commerce platform management and digital marketing strategy through to website re-designs and launches.

By Simon Lilly

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