20 Minutes / 1 Idea Each


Jordan Wright set down the Creative Breakfast challenge today in her post.

Why not try it tomorrow she said?
We did it today.
minus the breakfast.

20 minutes.
One creative idea each.
A book.
A podcast.
A TikTok.
A website.
Anything really that inspired you.
Sure the cheeky ones tried to sneak in 2.
Others tried to team up and share the same idea.
The rules are the rules.
No exceptions.

The energy from the team was superb.
Everyone listened intently, giving each other time and space to share their idea.
Feedback was given.
Improvements for next time noted down.

The best thing was that we started.
Sometimes starting is the biggest challenge.
The ball is now rolling.
The momentum will build.

20 Minutes
1 Idea each
Why don’t you give it a go with your team?

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