Print media is dead


Email marketing is dead
Facebook advertising is dead
The list goes on…

The click bait headlines often reference the death of something to grab attention.
But is anything really dead if it’s done really, really well?

Take printed media.
Who right now is going to think that launching a brand new printed magazine is a good idea?

Paul Sinton-Hewitt is who.
The founder of a little thing called parkrun

parkrun itself challenged the perception of a traditional running event.

No pressure to run, you can happily walk it.
No prizes for first, second or third.
No bibs attached with safety pins.
No cost to enter.

Now they’ve just launched their first ever parkrun magazine.
Free to collect at your local parkrun.
Designed to give people time away from their screens.
Written to be consumed at your own pace.
Produced sustainably, where more trees are planted than are used to print it.

The ethos behind the concept is sound.


Add into the mix one of the best running editors around in Simon Freeman (Like the Wind).
This publication is well worth seeking out and taking a look at.
Link in comments below to order a copy.

Is print media dead? No it’s up and running…

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