As if by magic… the shopkeeper appeared


It’s Sunday, around 2pm.
I’ve been sent on a mission.
A mission with a 4pm deadline!

My daughter has become a bit of an amateur photographer.
It’s her BFFs birthday tomorrow and she needs some prints.
I head to everyone’s high street photo retailer – Boots.

Phone connected.
Tap transfer.
Select size.
Make payment.
Printing begins.

“This was a piece of cake.” I think to myself.

Printed 1 of 13.
Printed 2 of 13.
Printed 3 of 13.
Printed 4 of 13.
Printed 5 of 13.
A message appears…
Contact Sales Assistant.

Not a problem.
Well if I could find one…
After a full lap of the second floor no-one is to be found.

Then. Suddenly. Mr Ben style.
A Sales Assistant appears.
He swiftly understands my issue.
With a flick of a latch and a switch of a cartridge, we’re back in action.
“Anything else I can help with Sir?”

Sir? I can’t remember the last time I was referred to as a Sir!
All sorted I said.
He quickly departed to solve another customers photo printing crisis.
What a star 🌟

Who said the High Street was dead?
Great service on every level.

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