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If you just watch one thing…

Rich Rolls is self-described as a Athlete/Author, his Podcast is jam-packed with inspirational advice and guidance on life, wellbeing and diet. Here’s a quick preview…

01 Inspiration

Make a profit, pay your tax, give plenty to charity – No one said ethical capitialism would be easy, LUSH founder Mark Constantine gives his perspectives on the challenges it presents.


02 Book

The Barcelona Way – As part of the Journey Further book club, I’m fortunate to receive a curated book each month. This month we’re reading The Barcelona Way by Prof. Damian Hughes. It uses the Barcelona FC approach to creating a winning culture and explains how it can be implemented in any team-based organisation.


03 Article

The boss who put everyone on 70k – BBC story on how one owner/founder changes the lives of his employees.


04 Numbers

1,083,219 People Per Month and Counting – Neil Patel’s view on Podcasting and how to use it to boost your businesses web traffic. Are we at peak podcasting? Probably.


05 In Depth

Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020 – If you have time to look at two things this week, take time to consider this sage business advice from the team at Sequoia around the Coronavirus situation.


06 Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast – With 70 million downloads he must be doing something right? Positive inspiration.



“Do what you love; love those you care about; give service to others;
and know that you’re on the right path.”

Rich Rolls

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