Do something everyday that scares you.


This is a slightly adapted version of a quote from Ryan Holiday.
If it’s not Ryan it’s Wim Hof telling you push your boundaries.

You know what? They might well have a point.

I’d been doing the warm shower, then switch to cold thing for a little while, but didn’t really feel any benefit. Sure it felt different, but it also felt like the moment when someone else in the house uses the hot water!

For the last 5 days I’ve switched to the 100% cold shower approach.
Now this is invigorating.
This is definitely energising.
It’s also freezing cold from the first second you start.

There’s been alot written about the physical benefits of a cold shower.
What I really enjoy is the mental challenge.
Your brain is telling you not to enter the freezing cold stream of water.
It’s about you using your mind to overcome that fear.
Mind 1 Brain 0.
A quick win to start the day.

What could you do today that scares you?

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