Writing about writing…


One of the great things that this writing challenge has unlocked for me is how useful writing is.

Sure it has work benefits…

Small chunks of copy for email introductions are created swiftly.
Collaborating on social copy is straightforward and flows easier.
More comfortable working with our new brand copy guidelines.

I’ve also seen some real personal benefits…

I’d read numerous benefits of a daily journal  
// I now find time at the start or end of the day to do this.
I’d wanted to include gratitude in my daily routine
// I now write down 3 things each day that have gone well.
I’d wanted to find my voice and be able to share insights on LinkedIn
// I now write a daily post and aim to improve 1% each day.

For all you #cosmicantlers100 out there:

Has writing everyday unlocked anything else for you?

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