Enjoy the ride


This was the motto of an activewear brand I worked for.
It’s a beautifully simple phrase that reminds you to be mindful whilst being active.
It came to me this morning as I cycled to work.
Like most journeys, there are uphills and downhills.


The anticipation
The energy
The burn

There are a few options…

Double down, grit your teeth and push through
Work through the gears, maintain a steady, but constant effort
Get off your bike and push


The relief
The speed
The opportunity

Again there are different approaches…

Feet off the peddles, legs wide and relax
Head down, curl up and become aerodynamic
Double down, grit your teeth and go even faster

I’m a double-downer. What’s your approach?

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Simon Lilly

Award winning ecommerce and digital marketer with over 20 years experience. Ranging from enterprise e-commerce platform management and digital marketing strategy through to website re-designs and launches.

By Simon Lilly

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