Here’s your new desk…


 First day in a new job.
Arrived early and headed to reception.
My new line manager came and met me.
We chat and then started to move towards the main office area.

“We’re sorry the new space we’ve been preparing isn’t quite ready yet” he said.
“No problem, I can work anywhere, I’m happy hot desking.” I replied.
“Well… actually the only spare space we have is in our call centre.” he said.
“Ah okay, that’s fine.” I replied.

Ring, ring. Ring, ring. 
Tapping of keys. 
Tapping of keys. 

This is what I heard for the first hour or so…

Ring, ring. Ring, ring. 
Tapping of keys. 
Tapping of keys. 

Then it became clear…

Each conversation I listened to, taught me:

– The brand tone of voice
– Friction points for customers
– Products that the customers loved
– Problems with the systems the team used
– The expert knowledge contained within the team
– How much the team cared about solving the customers problems

It was one of the best brand inductions I’d ever had.

Since this experience I always spend time listening to customer feedback 
By phone, by email, in store, at an event, online reviews, surveys…
These are all a goldmine of useful information.

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