Pick. Pack. Dispatch.


The typical new starter induction for a digital or ecommerce role involves a day or half day spent picking and packing orders.
For many people that’s the first and last time that they spend time in that part of the business.
This is such a missed opportunity to understand your customer and their behaviours intimately.

To the annoyance of many of the warehouse managers that I’ve worked with I’m often the first to volunteer when an extra pair of hands is needed. 

Picking – slower than the well drilling team members that do it day in, day out.
Packing – in a sub-optimal way that never looks as good as the professionals.
Dispatch – occasionally forgetting an item and having to add it at the last minute just before the shipping label is attached.

I definitely don’t think they’d keep me as part of the regular team…

There is a different perspective that you can take to this three stage process…

Picking – take time to understand the products you are handling – what does the copy say on the actual item, how is a customer going to feel when they use or open it for the first time.
Packing – look at the items customers are buying together, is there a connection, routine or regime that your customers know about that your marketing team doesn’t.
Dispatch – notice the requests customers are making – please add in a sample of x or y, is there a chance you could do this in a travel size, etc. Take these back with you and see if there’s a product or marketing opportunity.

Don’t be a stranger to this part of your business – It’s so much more than just pick, pack and dispatch.

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