Mary’s Wisdom From The Waves


Headspace has moved beyond meditation.
They are now a content creator.
And a pretty good one too.
3-7 minute videos. Called ‘The Wake Up’.
Packed with positivity & wellbeing advice.
Today’s was really good…

The focus was on Mary Mills AKA The Surf Sista.
At 23 she started swimming lessons.
She spotted a sign saying ‘Learn to Surf’.
She had a passion for the ocean, but… she was terrified of the waves. It took a little time to build up the courage.
3 months after the birth of her first child she went back and took on the challenge.

Now she’s surfing most days.
Up at 4.45am
In the sea by 6am

Here are my 3 favourite bits of Mary’s wisdom:

🌊 “The ocean is a great place to see nature. The ocean lets you turn off your brain when you focus on surfing”

💸 “As we grown up we are taught that the reward for work is money, but the reward should be play and good health”

🏖️ “You’ll never make enough money to make yourself happy. To make yourself happy avoid being in the same place, doing the same thing. Go outside and do something different.”

1. Turn off your brain and focus on something you enjoy
2. Find time to play & stay healthy
3. Don’t get stuck in a rut, spend time outside.

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