Starting from zero


It’s a pretty daunting thought for some.
It’s a really exciting thought for others.

One of my guilty pleasures each morning is listening to the Chris Evans Breakfast Radio Show.
I like his positivity, enthusiasm and the great insights that he shares.
But I know for some people he’s not their cup of tea.

Until now he’s resisted the call of social media and even refuses to own a smartphone.
This morning he launched his instagram account @chrisevanstfi.
He started from 0.

Sure he’s a famous radio DJ.
He has a platform to promote himself.
That doesn’t guarantee success.

6:00am – 0 followers
6:30am – 135 followers
7:00am – 730 followers
7:30am – 2,231 followers
8:00am – 3,089 followers

There’s a lot of negative news about growth right now.
Starting from zero is really scary right now.
But right now is the best possible time to be brave.

There has never been as many people listening.
We’ve never had more communication channels to tell our stories through.
There has never been more potential digital customers.

Growth is still possible.
Great ideas will still cut through.
Great people will still cut through.
Great business will still cut through.

Would you be brave enough to start from zero?

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Simon Lilly

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