Your match is: 73%


“You seem to be interested in notable coffee and sandwiches” Google Maps told me yesterday.

How clever you are Google.

Having now been to the coffee shop I can say it was a 100% match.
Great service, accompanied by well roasted coffee and a beautifully baked slice of coffee cake.

Little moments of innovation like this are brilliant.
This is when technology gets it right.

It’s not the core purpose of Google Maps, it’s an A to B business,
but thinking about how suitable a potential location is for you is a really useful addition.

Kudos to the person behind the technology that has made the app just that little bit more useful.

Now I know the end game here is to get me to spend my whole life in Google Maps.
I feel I can resist the draw and just enjoy these little perks that make me smile.

🤔 I just need to find the coffee shop that Google thinks is a 100% match, how good will that be?

Opens Google Maps…

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