5 years & 5,127 prototypes


That’s how long and how many iterations it took James Dyson.
Creating the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner wasn’t quick or easy.
It took 5,126 failures, before 1 success.
Success doesn’t often come over night, it comes over time.

Every Friday a group of friends that met on an online course gather.
We share inspirational content, challenges and ideas.
This mornings was a smaller group, a little more intimate.

One of the group shared that they’d started their business one year ago.
It had been a tough journey and the business wasn’t where they thought it would be.
The mood quickly changed from listening and learning to something deeper.
Encouragement, support and empathy quickly emerged.

Another group member shared a similar experience, despite some amazing PR the dial hadn’t moved.
People we’re saying they liked the idea, but they weren’t taking the plunge and committing.
Once again the support came thick and fast…

. Ideas
.. Suggestions
… Reassurance
…. Connections

A few of the group members had made the trip to this years Makers & Mavericks event.
One of David Hieatt‘s quotes had been jotted down in their notebook…

“We choose the right dreams, but we choose the wrong time frames”

James Dyson had a dream, it just took a little longer than expected.
I’m pretty sure the same is true for our group members.

They have the right dream.
It’s just going to take a little longer than they expected.
Persitance will be required.
But they are do’ers.
Each Friday when they need support we’ll be there for them.
A group of like hearted individuals.

Where do you turn to when you need some support?

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